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  • August 29, 2007

    The lovely Debra aka Leslie is now hosting a Thursday night club in the San Fernando Valley (Los Angeles.) It is worth the trip just to see her sexy costumes and great performances. She is pure lovlieness inside and out. The banner below has all the details.

    April 25, 2002

    Well, here is the newest member of "The Dream Team" to model for me. For those who are new, the dream team, as I call them, are a great group of girls that all hang together. Most of them were in Pamela Fontini's The 12 Most Beautiful Latin Transsexuals event she put on last year. Other members of the dream team include Giselle, Shara and Angel and with any luck will include a couple more in the future. In fact, I owe Giselle a debt of gratitude for arranging this photoshoot for me. In fact you can see Debra's actual internet debut on Giselle's website You can see some of the other awesome girls there too. And I'd also like to thank Richard for allowing me to use his home in the Hollywood Hills for the photoshoot.Anyway, I don't know what it is about this girl but my chin about hits the floor whenever I see her. I can be sitting at the Yukon minding my own business and she'll pop in, and I get all wide eyed. Or I'll see her at a club and the same thing will happen. I always fuss over her and tell her how beautiful I think she is. And I really do, but I think she thinks I'm just giving her a line of bull. But last week, I took her to see the "Lion King" (I discovered she likes theatre), and she looked so incredible in the black dress she was wearing. Her hair looked great. Her manicured and pedicured nails were perfect. She, as always, was a vision of loveliness. I'm glad she suggested this outing. I had only been to one play prior to this and that was in the eighties. So she gave me the opportunity to experience something new and different. We both had a great time. I could tell she really enjoyed it. She loves performing and is very artistic minded, so going to a play like this was a treat for her. Just having the opportunity to hang out with her was a treat for me.

  • Location: Los Angeles, CA

Debra's Photosets

65 Photos

Beautiful Debra!

As I said on Debra's intro page, I think she is so beautiful. I just hope my photography does her justice. This is a photo scene only, there are no videos for this scene.

25th Apr 2005

    Rating: 5.00

49 Photos

Luscious Redhead Debra!

Redhead hottie Debra hanging out and having fun showing off her tits, ass and cock on the stairs. This is a photo scene only, there are no videos for this scene.

28th Aug 2003

    Rating: 5.00

57 Photos

Simply Lovely Debra!

Here's some more of this incredible girl. This is a photo scene only, there are no videos for this scene.

26th Sep 2002

    Rating: 5.00

34 Photos

Red Hot Bikini!

There are no nudes in this set because couldn't do it at that location. But with a girl as beautiful as Debra, leaving a little to the imagination can be a good thing. This is a photo scene only, there are no videos for this scene.

4th Jul 2002

    Rating: 5.00

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