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01:00 HD Video
& 61 Photos

Sexy Bodysuit

New tgirl Melissa Raven got a beautiful face, natural boobs, a nice round ass and hard cock.

14th Feb 2002

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04:58 HD Video
& 35 Photos

Brenda With Her New Tits!

Here is Brenda with her new breasts. She made her internet debut here on Bob's Tgirls just before getting them, so I thought it would be appropriate for her to debut the new twins here too. Bob

28th Nov 2001

    Rating: 5.00

03:14 HD Video
& 45 Photos

Welcome Toni Tease

Here's Toni's first set. Taking these photos brought back fond memories of New Orleans.

8th Nov 2001

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01:01 HD Video
& 46 Photos

Brigette Playing With Her Cock!

Hot blonde Brigette in a sexy red outfit is all fun today as she gets naked and plays with her cock right on the couch.

13th Sep 2001

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01:00 HD Video
& 40 Photos

Pool Fun With Brenda!

Brenda and I decided to explore the hotel I was staying in and see what kind of photos we could get. First we went into the weight room. She got down to her panties and was about to get out of more when someone came into the room. So we went on to the pool area. There were quite a few people out there so she had to stealthily expose things when no one was looking. You can notice in some of the photos she would be looking around and then pull her panties aside or pull out a tittie. So not a lot of totally nude shots in this set but I think the photos of Brenda in the pool were really beautiful. I took some video clips of her in the pool also which you will all see at a later date. Bob

2nd Aug 2001

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01:03 HD Video
& 75 Photos

Fun Time With Brenda!

As I mentioned on Brenda's intro page we went to the Gay Pride Festival together. We took a bunch of photos there which we decided to add them to her first set. Shortly after we arrived we ran into Vo so they took a couple of photos together. Later we met Brenda's best friend Karina. She hung out with us for the rest of the afternoon and evening. One thing about a gay pride festival, whether you are gay or not, is you can get pretty wild without getting into trouble. All the photos of kissing, breast sucking & etc. were taken out in the open. We drew lots of attention. A group of lesbians seemed quite impressed, especially when I got down behind Brenda and was licking her ass for all to see. You see, I'm a bit of an exhibitionist myself. We did a lot of three way French kissing throughout the evening also which the onlookers enjoyed. Brenda is sitting here with me as I'm writing this, so following are some words from her. Bob I've enjoyed working with Bob and we've had a lot of fun going out this week. I had a lot of fun at the festival dancing, drinking with my new "twins". I wasn't really ready to go out because I just had my implants two weeks ago, but I needed to get out of my apartment. I knew if I called Bob, I would have a good time and we did. After lunch, my friend Karina came up to us. She was with a loser guy and wanted to get rid of him and spend the rest of the day with us.We danced for hours and we got real nasty. I hope you like all of my photos and I'm waiting to do some new ones with the twins. And I'm happy with Bob. If you like like my photos please send me or Bob email. Brenda

21st Jun 2001

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00:38 & 48 Photos

Griffith Park With Barbie!

For my new photoshoot with Barbie, I wanted to get a set of her outdoors. So we went up to Griffith park. We had to drive around for a while before we found a place we figured we could get away with taking some photos. Trying to get nude photos in a place like this is a bit of an adventure, even more so with a tgirl. It wasn't enough that we had to look out for park police and hikers, a helicopter flew over, did a 180 and made a second flyover. We took about a 10 minute hike from where we parked to get the first part of the set. Then as we returned to the car, Barbie decided to start posing for some shots right there by the road. As you can see, in some of the photos, cars were driving by and even a female jogger went past. Barbie even noted that the red car in 639 went by several times. The guys in that car must have liked what they saw, because they kept turning around. It was a hot day in May, so after we finished this set, we went to my hotel room to cool off. Then we shot a few more sets and some video clips. So you Barbie fans have more to look forward to. Bob

7th Jun 2001

    Rating: 5.00

01:50 HD Video
& 58 Photos


I've had several requests for more photos of the girls in stockings, so I specifically asked her to bring some with her. I think it's a great look.

7th Jun 2001

    Rating: 5.00

02:51 HD Video
& 53 Photos

Fireplace Suck

Whenever Meghan and I get together fun breaks out, as you can see by some of the photos. She came unexpectedly right in the middle of the festivities. It was fun to watch, but I was a little disappointed because that meant I didn't get my turn... Anyway, we hope you all enjoy the photos, we certainly enjoyed taking them.

7th Jun 2001

    Rating: 5.00

03:20 HD Video
& 41 Photos

Lea Chase Strokes It

Here's the first set of a new photoshoot we did in Feb. 2001. This set is also accompanied by video clips.

15th Mar 2001

    Rating: 5.00

00:37 & 46 Photos

Mistress Lauren's Dungeon

These photos were taken in Mistress Lauren's dungeon. She shares the facility with two well known female doms: Mistress Katherine and Mistress Pandora. The dungeon was still under construction when I visited there, but is nearly complete. There are two other rooms (maybe more later), including a room full of medical equipment. Believe me this dungeon and these mistresses are for serious subs only, and are not for the faint of heart. Some of Lauren's stories of what she does blew me away.

13th Mar 2001

    Rating: 3.00

02:55 HD Video
& 47 Photos

Brigette Rocks It!

As I was reading the forum today, I saw a couple of posts regarding Brigette. One was a request for a new set of her and another mentioned her in a list of best feet. Until I checked out at this set of photos, I forgot what nice feet she has. So once again member feedback pays off. Thanks.

28th Feb 2001

    Rating: 5.00

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